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The owner of Top Dog Police K-9 Training and Consulting, Ron Cloward, is a retired police lieutenant in California.   Ron was a handler of three  different police canines during his 26 year  career.  Ron and his final  partner, Pele, were named the Top Dog and  Top Competitor in 1997.  Ron  served as the unit trainer after being  promoted to sergeant in 2000.   A  14-dog unit kept Ron very busy. In  2005, Ron was promoted to  lieutenant  and was the K-9 unit commander.  He served as the trainer of  the unit  until he retired in 2011.

Ron   is well respected in the K-9 community and has been a member of  Western  States Police Canine Association for 25 years.  He has served  as the  president of W. S. P. C . A., and served on a committee for  California  P.O.S.T.  He has taught in conferences across the country  and has authored numerous articles featured in Police K-9 Magazine.  Ron   still enjoys attending conferences as a student.  He feels the K-9  industry is  ever changing and one must never feel he has gained  complete knowledge. 

Our   training programs will be designed to the needs of each agency.  We   understand the differing philosophies in regards to K-9 training.  We   will provide each agency with the training they need and desire.

We  recognize that many supervisors and commanders have been assigned  the  K-9 Unit with little or no experience working a canine.  To that end,  our  supervisory programs are designed for the agency supervisor, as  well  as  those looking for the opportunity to become a K-9 unit  supervisor.   

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