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Our Experience

Top Dog Police K9 Training and Consulting, LLC was established in 2012.  We’re located in Modesto, California, in the heart of the central  valley.  Our training staff consists of six highly qualified instructors  and five qualified decoys.  The President of the company, Ron Cloward  has more than 30 years of Police K9 training and handling experience,  and all of our trainers are former Law Enforcement K9 handlers with  decades of real live street experience to draw from.


Why Us?

Our trainers are up to date on the most current training techniques  known in the field and continue to continue their education by attending conferences to learn new ideas and techniques for K9 training.



Canine Dog Training


Basic & Advanced K9 Handlers Courses

Basic and Advanced K9 Handlers Courses

Our basic course is a minimum of 320 hours, however we understand that  each handler and dog learns at a different pace. The K-9 teams will  complete the course and certify when ready.  After serving a year on the  street we offer an advanced police K9 handler course to update and challenge  the more experienced team.

K9 Supervisor / Commanders Course

K9 Supervisor / Commanders Course

Our training addresses the individual needs of the K9 Unit Supervisor and/or Commander. We prepare you for the challenges you face while over seeing an agency K9 program. Our instructors bring to the table many years of actual experience in K9 operations and administration.

Detection Dog Programs

Detection Dog Programs

Top Dog provides Detection dog training for both narcotics as well as explosives detection teams. The training regimen includes varied routines and challenges the teams in real life deployment environments. Narcotics teams are updated with the latest forfeiture seizure and legal updates for police dog teams.

K9 Decoy Classes

K9 Decoy Classes

Our 3 day K9 Decoy program teaches the student how to understand and recognize behaviors, proper agitation techniques, sleeve and suit presentation, muzzle techniques and other aspects of training needed to produce quality police dogs.

Police Dogs For Sale

Police Dogs For Sale

All of our dogs are European imports and come with a two year warranty  for health and performance if we conduct the initial training. If we do not conduct the initial training the performance warranty is 3 months.

Specialty K9 Programs

Specialty K9 Programs

Top Dog travels the country providing police K9 consulting as well as customized programs in various training regimens such as muzzle training techniques, problem solving, advanced tactical schools, police dog tracking schools and much more. Call us for details or to schedule a course in your area.

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